King Richard III Infant and Nursery School

We can do it! We never give up - anything is possible!

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School closes to the children for the summer at the end of today - the new term starts on Wednesday August 25th - see you then!

Daisy class - Nursery (F0/F1)

Welcome to Daisy Class


Mrs Lord - Teacher

Miss Robbins - Teacher 

Mrs Carter - Level 3 TA

Mrs. N. Madlani (am) - Level 2 TA

Mrs. S. Madlani (pm) - Level 2 TA

Hello Everyone,


We hope you are safe and well! We are missing seeing you at school but we are sending lots of lovely activities for you to try at home. We are sending them via Tapestry - through the memo's and we are looking forward to seeing what you are getting up too!


If you are still not on Tapestry please email Mrs Lord at and she will help you get set up. We will also send a link with a video on about how to upload an observation.


Let us know if you need any help 

Our topic for Spring 1 is: How will we get there?