King Richard III Infant and Nursery School

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Half term this week - see you all again on Monday 25th October! Take care and stay well - Ms H

Phonics and reading

Phonics Teaching and Reading Schemes




The children are taught phonics using the Knowledge Transfer Centre (KTC) approach.


This is a systematic and consistent approach which is taught for 20 minutes every day. The children are taught new sounds, key phrases and terminology. These are then used to support reading during independent, shared and guided reading and writing lessons.

Reading Schemes


We have created our own home reading scheme from a wide selection of books. The books are colour banded and assessed (through the PM bench marking Scheme) to give finely graded steps throughout.

The children also read a wide selection of colour banded books, both fiction and non-fiction, during independent and guided reading, as well as big books for shared reading.