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8.2.21 The Smallest Parrot you ever saw...

This is a video about a man who spots an egg at the bottom of a cage in a pet shop. He decides he'd like to try to look after it and he takes it home. The video tells you what happens next!


Things you need to think about while you're watching:


- The man in the video 'candles' the egg while he's waiting to see if it will hatch. This means that he shines a strong light at the egg, so he can see whether the chick is growing inside. This is called 'candling', because people used to shine the light using a candle, rather than a torch. 


- You'll also see someone putting their mouth very close to a baby bird in the video - sometimes this is to blow warm air onto it, to stop it from getting cold, sometimes it's to give the feeling the baby bird would have if it was with it's mum. 


- Usually, it's not a good idea to help a chick to hatch - it's better to let them get out of the shell themselves. 


I hope you enjoy the video! 

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