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Attendance in KS1 is now at 94.6%! Please keep working with us to raise this even more - every day in school adds to your child's learning and understanding!

Newsletter for October 15th 2021

Dear parents, carers, families and friends,


Most importantly, I hope this newsletter finds you and your family safe, happy and well. Today is the last day of what has been a very busy half term - thank you all so much for your support throughout smiley


A reminder, then, that it's half term next week! No school until Monday 25th after today. I hope you've all got a really good week ahead.


Best wishes and take care,


Ms Harrison (Headteacher) and the KRIII team.



If you haven't signed up to MarvellousMe yet, or you need a reminder of your log in details, please let us know. We send lots of information this way, but it's particularly important as a way to share children's successes smiley


Which leads me to...


Parents' meetings

If you haven't made an appointment to meet with your child's teacher yet, please see them at the start of next half term.

Lavender parents should have received a MME message when Mrs Wilson became ill this week, but we know that one or two parents didn't hear from us. Apologies for this - Mrs Wilson is hoping to rearrange the meetings when she's better. 


Parking and traffic wardens

Please take care when you're parking - for the safety of our children and to avoid the parking tickets that some parents found on their cars a couple of weeks ago at the end of the school day sad


Reception and Year 1 registers

If your child is in Reception or Year 1 and you arrive after 8.45am, the register in their class will have closed. You'll need to walk around to the school office to sign them in, please. 


Covid cases and symptoms

Although we're not asked to contact trace now, if your child develops symptoms or tests positive for Covid, I'd be very grateful if you could email to let me know. You can use the form at the bottom of this newsletter or email directly to or