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School closes to the children for the summer at the end of today - the new term starts on Wednesday August 25th - see you then!

Latest newsletter

Newsletter 9th July 2021


Hi everyone - hope you're all safe and well and looking forward to the summer break. A reminder that the school is closed to the children now until Wednesday 25th August, when we look forward to seeing you all again. 


A few quick notes to end the term...


Goodbye to:

  • Our Year 2 children, who move on to their new schools in the autumn term - good luck to you all. Your new teachers are so lucky that you'll be working with them!
  • Mrs Barot, who is also moving on to a new school for the new school year. Enjoy, Mrs B! And let us know how you're getting on, please smiley
  • Miss O'Brien, Mr McManus, Miss Watson and Mrs Patel, who are all moving on to new roles as their time with us comes to an end. We will miss you!


Hamper news!

The gardening hamper was won by one of the children in Daisy Nursery - congratulations! And many thanks to everyone who's taken part in the hamper raffles and raised money for the Peace Garden work. 


Building works...

When you come back in the autumn term, we hope you'll be able to see a big change in Daisy Nursery, which is having a bit of a facelift over the summer smiley


Covid 19 - if your child develops symptoms or gets a positive test result over the next week

Please remember to let us know. You can use the form below, if that's quickest, or you can email me at - it's really important that we're able to let people know who may have been affected by contact with your poorly child (even if they didn't feel poorly).

Many thanks.


Have a lovely summer break - see you in August, safe and well and ready for another amazing year!


All best wishes,


Ms Harrison


Newsletter 1.7.21


Dear parents, carers, families and friends,


The end of the school year is getting very close now - some of you have been checking on dates, so here's a quick but important reminder that:


  • the last day for the children to be in school before the summer break is Friday 9th July


  • the children will start back for the autumn term on Wednesday 25th August. 


Don't forget, you can always check dates on the school calendar on the website, here: and you can subscribe to the calendar as well, if you like, so that the dates are added to your own online calendar. 


Staffing news  

If you've been supported by Mrs Lord in the past, you'll be delighted to hear that she has been appointed to the role of 'interim' deputy head for the Autumn term. 


We have also interviewed and appointed for the class teacher role, so that we can share the names of the teachers for the different classes with you now:


Daisy class: Mrs Lord and Mrs Watson
Sunflower class: Miss Keith
Iris class: Miss Warrington
Poppy class: Miss Greaves
Mrs Khaliq will complete the teaching team in our Reception year group.
Lavender class: Mrs Wilson
Violet class: Ms Shea and Ms Bell
Mrs Kinsella
Bluebell class: Miss Macdonald (soon to be Mrs Golding!)
Jasmine class: Mr Markar



This week's hamper

Two Pamper Hampers!

Don't forget to buy your ticket before the raffle is drawn tomorrow smiley



Please get in touch to let us know if your child has Covid symptoms or a positive PCR test result  in the first week of the summer break, particularly. This allows us to contact anyone who may have been affected by being near to someone with Covid.





If you aren't signed up yet and need your code and details again, just get in touch! 




Please take care in driving and parking around the entrances to the school. 

Remember that you shouldn't park on or opposite the yellow zig-zags!

Thank you. 



Contacting school over the summer break

Please use the feedback email address to get in touch. Anita's phone won't be in use over the summer break. There will be people in school throughout the six weeks, but also a lot of building projects happening that might mean office messages aren't checked straight away.

Please remember to use the yellow button in the top right hand corner of this page to translate the latest newsletter! 

Letter to parents from Martin Samuels and Ivan Browne - June 2021

If your contact details have changed at all, please get in touch to let us know