King Richard III Infant and Nursery School

We can do it! We never give up - anything is possible!

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We're working hard as a team, together with our parents and families, to raise school attendance - it's gone up from 89.7% at the start of the year to 94.2% this week! Well done, but let's keep working together to raise it even higher!!

20.1.21 Thinking about our friends

This is a lovely story about two good friends who see each other from a distance and then have to spend time apart.

Chocolate Cake & Ice Cream

Some things are just better together.

Did you think about your friends while you were watching the video?


Maybe you're missing some friends that you haven't seen for a while... it's going to be great when you do see them again!


Perhaps you see your friends when you're doing online learning with your class? Make sure to wave and smile, just like the friends in this video smiley


Maybe you could write a kind, friendly message to hold up to the camera for your friends? Or draw a picture of them? Or just think about all the brilliant things you'll do when you see your friends face to face again.