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Attendance in KS1 is now at 94.6%! Please keep working with us to raise this even more - every day in school adds to your child's learning and understanding!

Newsletter for March 13th 2023

Newsletter for March 13th 2023


Dear parents, carers, families and friends, 


It's been a busy half term so far, and it was such a pleasure to see so many of you at our Parents' Meetings last week. If you weren't able to keep/make an appointment, please have a chat with your child's class teacher and they'll do their best to make a time to see you.


If you were able to attend the first meeting last Tuesday, you'll have seen the super cakes on sale that afternoon. Thank you to the members of staff who made them and thank you to the parents who bought them, or who donated anyway on both evenings - we were able to raise just over £200 towards the British Red Cross Earthquake Appeal, thanks to everyone's support. 


Thanks go to our staff group again, for letting me know that we will be able to open the school fully on Wednesday and Thursday this week - King Richards won't be closed on either of the two strike days. 


Red Nose Day - the Friday of this week, March 17th, is Red Nose Day. We're asking the children to come wearing 'What Makes You Happy' - so you shouldn't need to buy anything specially for this  but we'd be grateful of a small donation towards our fundraising on that day.


We aren't selling the official red noses this year, because there have been some safety concerns about their suitability for younger children. However, we will have face paints in each of the year groups on that day, so your child can have a red (or blue or green or purple...) nose painted on for the occasion, in exchange for a small donation to Red Nose Day.


Your child's teacher will check with you that you're happy for them to have the face paint on (just on their nose!) and that they're not allergic or sensitive to it. See the information below about the facepaints we'll be using. 


As always, we'll be glad to hear from you if you have any questions or comments - we're always glad to talk with you 


Many thanks,


Ms Harrison and the whole of the KRIII team


Facepaint info:【SUITABLE FOR SENSITIVE SKIN NON-TOXIC】Our face paint kit is suitable for sensitive skin, made of high quality and non-toxic material. They are laboratory-tested and 100% FDA compliant, hypoallergenic, vegan & Paraben-free.