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Religious Education

As there is no National Curriculum for Religious Education, faith leaders and educational professionals from across Leicester City came together to write an Agreed Syllabus for RE - SACRE.


At King Richard III Infant and Nursery School we follow the Leicester City agreed syllabus for RE, which reflects our diverse school and the surrounding community. We are not a faith school, and we do not seek to promote any one particular faith or belief system. We see that our role is to make the children aware of a range of beliefs and practices that are part of our diverse community. Similarly, whilst we explore festivals and celebrations from a range of faiths, we do not ask the children to participate in acts of worship. All of our children are taught that people within our community hold different beliefs and faiths (including the choice not to hold a faith).


The Agreed Syllabus, and our approach to teaching RE in school, is in line with one of the core strands of Fundamental British Values:

  • Mutual respect and tolerance of different faiths and beliefs:
  • An understanding that the freedom to choose and hold a faith or belief is protected by law; and
  • that the faiths and beliefs of others should be accepted and tolerated.


RE is taught through topic teaching, discrete teaching during religious festivals, the celebration of festivals and theme days. Learning experiences are enhanced by pupil visits to different local places of worship and visitors into school.

RE lessons also enable children in each year group to learn about different religions and cultures in greater depth (Year 1: Christianity and Hinduism and Year 2: Christianity and Islam).


Agreed Syllabus for religious education for Leicester City