King Richard III Infant and Nursery School

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Raising attendance is a top priority for us - please help us to help your child by bringing them into school every day. Thank you.

Daisy class - Nursery (F0/F1)

Welcome to Daisy Class


Mrs Lord - Teacher (Monday, Tuesday)

Mrs Turner - Teacher 

Mrs Carter - Level 3 TA

Mrs. F. Rezai (am) - Level 2 TA

Mrs. S. Madlani (pm) - Level 2 TA

Autumn 2 - Celebrations


This term our F1 children are learning to:


 take turns in play

build some key friendships

listen and respond appropriately during carpet sessions



This term we are looking at all kinds of celebrations in the lead up to Christmas. The first few weeks we have focused on celebrations that have been happening around that time, Diwali, Halloween and Bonfire Night and fireworks. 


This term we are continuing to focus on communication and language to support the children's interactions with one another. We are always introducing new vocabulary to the children, that relates to our topic. The children are settled into the class well now so our personal, social and emotional development focus is to support the children in building friendships and learning one another's names. 




We use tapestry in school to record your child's learning journey. If you haven't already please ask at school for a form to complete.


Please share all the wonderful things you do at home with us via Tapestry, we love hearing about what the children do at home and this is so important. We would particularly like to hear about what your child enjoys doing at nursery, if they talk about their friends and any other information that you think might be helpful :)



Joining the Library


We believe that stories and reading is one of the most important things to share and we wouldn't want anyone to miss out. Joining the library and borrowing books is completely free. Our closest library is on Narborough Road (although there are lots of libraries all over the city). There are no forms to fill in, just drop in with some proof of ID. Why not pop in after nursery? You can join for free and start borrowing today!


You can find out more information about our nearest library, Westcotes, by clicking below:


Westcotes Library, Narborough Road

Toilet Training


Learning to use the toilet is really important and something we work hard on in Daisy class. Children are reminded to use the toilet regularly and we know that accidents will still happen (there is just so much to do and play with!). We also work closely with each individual family to ensure we can support them at whatever stage of the journey they are at.  This website has lots of useful tips and advice:



Please come and talk to one of us, if you have concerns or require support with this.

Our progression through the year in Daisy Class