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Raising attendance is a top priority for us - please help us to help your child by bringing them into school every day. Thank you.

Sunflower class - Nursery (F1)

Welcome to Sunflower class!

Who are the adults in class with your children this year?


Mrs Luney - Class Teacher

 Mrs Geary - Level 3 TA (Tuesday- Friday) / Mrs Lawrie - Level 3 TA (Monday) / Mrs Rezai- Level 2 TA


Autumn 1: All About Me

A lovely warm welcome to our new children in Sunflowers Class. All the children have settled in really well and making lots of new friendships.


This term we will be focusing on; learning the routines of the nursery and getting used to a new classroom, separating from our parents with confidence to come in and enjoy our days at nursery, and finally, learning to take turns with our friends and sharing our lovely toys and resources in nursery.


Supporting your children in these will help with their transition into Sunflowers class and out down the foundations for a wonderful year ahead.



We use tapestry in school to record your child's learning journey. If you haven't already please ask at school for a form to complete.


Please share all the wonderful things you do at home with us via Tapestry, we love hearing about what the children do at home and this is so important. We would particularly like to hear about what your child enjoys doing at nursery, if they talk about their friends and any other information that you think might be helpful :)

Autumn 2

This term we are looking at all kinds of celebrations in the lead up to Christmas. The first few weeks we have focused on celebrations that have been happening around that time, Diwali, Halloween and Bonfire Night and fireworks. The children created some lovely art work and candle holders to link in with all these. We will soon be beginning to look towards our Christmas performance and bring in lots of Christmas themed ideas into the children's learning. 


This term we are continuing to focus on communication and language to support the children's interactions with one another. We are always introducing new vocabulary to the children, that relates to our topic. The children are settled into the class well now so our personal, social and emotional development focus is to support the children in building friendships and learning one another's names.  

Some of our learning this term...

Spring 1

This term we looked at vehicles and all the different ones we see everyday and some with special jobs. The children explored vehicles that went on land, sea and in the air. We did artwork using different tyre tracks on the cars and trucks. Through exploring vehicles that travel in different ways the children were able to talk about which would be the best way to travel to specific places. At the end of the term we had a lovely bus trip out around Leicester with Daisy class. We saw lots of important places around Leicester and some places the children had not seen before. 


Spring 2

This term our topic was Ready, Steady, Grow. We were very lucky to be able to get caterpillars to have in our class, we have been watching them grow and see them turn into a chrysalis and eventually a butterfly which we will set free in the playground. The children about about the life cycle of a butterfly through the story The Very Hungry Caterpillar. We then moved onto plant life cycles and learnt about these through the story Jack and the Beanstalk. The children planted some cress and watched it grow and also their own beans in plastic bags to be able to see all the different parts of the plant as they grow.

Summer 1

This term the children will be learning about People Who Help Us. This topic will look at all the people who help us everyday and people with jobs such as paramedics and police officers. We will be having visits from people with different jobs so they can tell about what they do in their job. We will be looking at how we can help each other everyday with the small things as well as big tasks. The children will also be encouraged to think about all those people who help us, including family, sports coaches and teachers. 

If you are still not on Tapestry, please ask for a form and fill it in!


We love to see and hear about what you get up to at home and the children love to talk about the pictures you share with their friends. We show them on our big screen! 

Other fun things to try at home!


In class, we have been talking about how to keep our bodies and minds healthy. As part of this, we have tried some yoga! Here is a YouTube video we have used to guide us:


Yoga for everyone!


Perhaps you could try it as a family? It is important that the children see us caring for our bodies and minds.





Joining the Library


We believe that stories and reading is one of the most important things to share and we wouldn't want anyone to miss out. Joining the library and borrowing books is completely free. Our closest library is on Narborough Road (although there are lots of libraries all over the city). There are no forms to fill in, just drop in with some proof of ID. Why not pop in after nursery? You can join for free and start borrowing today!


You can find out more information about our nearest library, Westcotes, by clicking below:


Westcotes Library, Narborough Road

Our progression through the year in Sunflower class