King Richard III Infant and Nursery School

We can do it! We never give up - anything is possible!

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Raising attendance is our highest priority - if your child is in school every day, they will be able to learn all the things they need to know. Please keep helping us to help your child by bringing them to school every day. Thank you.

Contact Details

The school is open from 8am until 5.30pm.

The school day for our children lasts from 8.45am until 3pm.


Headteacher and DSL

Ms Lou Harrison

Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Helen Stevens

SENCo (Special Educational Needs Coordinator)

Mrs Sarah Lord



Chair of Governors

Revd Stephen Burnham

Clerk to the Governors

Lorraine Marvelley



If you call the school (see below for our numbers), our super office staff will be very happy to help you. They deal with queries from parents and other members of the public: 

Office staff

Hayley Robins and

Lorraine Marvelley


If you wish to contact any of the above, you can do so by writing to:

King Richard III Infant and Nursery School
Andrewes Street,



You can also contact us by:


If you have a concern about the safety or wellbeing of one of our children/families, please get in touch with one of our DSLs - you can phone (above) or email, if you prefer, to: 


If you would like paper copies of any of the information on this website, please let us know. We don't charge for these copies. 

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