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Geography at King Richard III Infant and Nursery School


Our new and exciting Geography curriculum is designed to engage and activate children’s curiosity about the world in which we live and the people who inhabit it.


In the Nursery, the children focus on their immediate surroundings and relationships in school, then F2 build on this to learn about the unique diversity of our local community, and different groups of people who help us.


In Year 1, children expand their focus to the United Kingdom and the different human and physical geography within it.


Finally, Year 2 start to look at the whole world, learning about the seven continents, the five oceans and an in-depth study of Kenya. All year groups also take part in Forest School sessions, where they can apply many of their geographical skills.


We aim to make Geography active and meaningful by regularly taking children around our city and helping them to develop life-long skills such as map reading and fieldwork, using them in real-life contexts.


By the time children leave our school, we hope they have a passion for exploring the outdoor world, an understanding of different cultures both within our country and others, and have transferable skills to use throughout their life.


Please see below for our current Geography Progression Map and knowledge organisers for each year group. The knowledge organisers help adults to structure planning around key facts and let adults at home know more about the most important learning in each year group.