King Richard III Infant and Nursery School

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Raising attendance is a top priority for us - please help us to help your child by bringing them into school every day. Thank you.

Forest School

Here are some things the children have said about their Forest School drawings:

"I'm drawing me and M making a den, we're helping each other and we're pulling it (tarpaulin) up into the tree"

"I like climbing super-high and I was shaking all the leaves and they were all falling down and people were catching them!"

"I like to make everything - a bracelet and a fishing rod"

"My favourite was climbing trees and making things"

"We started to make a tree house - in my tree house I'm looking at the clouds"

"I'm playing hide and seek"

"The children and the teachers are wearing hats and scarves and wellies"

"I heard K doing a singing sound - she was so happy!"

"I'm drawing you L, I'm making you happy"