King Richard III Infant and Nursery School

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Don't forget - Bank Holiday on Monday 3rd May - no school that day. See you on Tuesday 4th! :)

Who's Who

Year Group

Teaching Group


Support Staff

Headteacher Ms Lou Harrison (DSL)

R. Aspinall

L. Atkins

B. Bevans

P. Calver

S. Carter

J. Cook

E. Dempster

D. Gadhvi

S. Geary

L. George

A. Halliday

S. Hudson

V. Jeffrey

A. Kulinska

E. Lawrie

A. McManus

N. Madlani

S. Madlani

N. Martin

J. Millins

M. Moscizco

C. O'Brien

V. Pala

A. Pandya

J. Parker

R. Patel

S. Perkins

F. Rezai

S. Simoes

E. Suchoka

F. Watson

Deputy Headteacher K. Barot (Deputy DSL)

Early Years


Daisy - Nursery

S. Lord (Deputy DSL)/

L. Robbins

Early Years


Sunflower - Nursery M. Keith

Early Years


Iris - Reception A. Macdonald

Early Years


Poppy - Reception

A. Greaves/

L. Robbins

Year 1 Lavender C. Wilson
Year 1 Violet S. Shea/S. Bell
Year 2 Bluebell K. Barot (Deputy DSL)/N. Tank
Year 2 Jasmine R. Markar
DSP Blossom L. Kinsella (Deputy DSL)



Family Support Worker


S. Lord (Deputy DSL)

Anita Jaeckels (Deputy DSL)

Mrs S Khaliq

Other staff:
Admin Assistant H. Robbins
Admin Assistant L. Marvelley (Deputy DSL)
Bursar B. Patel
Premises Officer S. Hart
Cleaner C. Hart
Cook L. Hegyi
Catering Assistant S. Fisher
Kitchen Assistant K. Munton


Subject area Teacher
Key Stage 1 Co-ordinator K. Barot
Foundation Stage Co-ordinator S. Lord
SENDCo S. Lord
Educational Visits Co-ordinator K. Barot
English as an Additional Language S. Shea
Assessment Lou Harrison/K. Barot/S. Lord
English R. Markar
Maths K. Barot
Science S. Bell
Computing C. Wilson
PHSE K. Barot
RE K. Barot
History K. Barot
Geography N. Tank
Outdoor Learning/Forest School C. Wilson
Music S. Watson/S. Shea
Art A. Macdonald
DT A. Greaves
PE A. Greaves/A. Macdonald
Curriculum oversight Lou Harrison/K. Barot