King Richard III Infant and Nursery School

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Half term this week - see you all again on Monday 25th October! Take care and stay well - Ms H

Blossom class - the KRIII DSP

Space! (the final frontier...)

Blossom Class staff - the DSP team

Blossom Class Staff

Mrs Kinsella, Miss Halliday, Mrs Atkins, Miss O'Brien, Mr McManus.


What is a DSP?
Blossom class is for children who have an Education, Health and Care Plan - usually one that specifically includes a diagnosis of Communication and Interaction issues, and that also says a DSP would be an appropriate place for them to learn. 
Blossom provision includes:
  • A dedicated classroom at King Richard III Infants and Nursery school, equipped with appropriate resources and providing specialist support and teaching for up to 10 children in a small group or at times on a 1:1 basis. 
  • An appropriate staff to pupil ratio.
  • Opportunities for the children to be integrated into an appropriate mainstream class and/or social time within the school day.
  • A sensory room for children to 'chill' in.
  • A commitment to training all school staff in the needs and education of children with Communication and Interaction issues. 
Some Future Plans:
  • Further development of the class' induction programme and pack for staff, pupils and parents. 
  • The further development of the curriculum
  • Further development of the DSP parent/staff relationship with the involvement of other professionals where appropriate. 
  • Full refurbishment of Blossom classroom and access to a newly installed sensory room.

February fun 2021

Blossom classroom - the DSP

Just a few examples of sensory trays and activities from Blossom