King Richard III Infant and Nursery School

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Raising attendance is our highest priority - if your child is in school every day, they have more chances to learn what they need to know. Please keep helping us to help your child.


At KRIII we aspire to create a love of music and singing. We expose the children to music and songs daily.

During their time in the EYFS the children are offered a wide range of musical opportunities. Musical instruments are incorporated into continuous provision areas, both inside and out and these are enhanced throughout the year depending on the topic. Singing is an integral part of the EYFS curriculum and part of the daily routine in both Nursery and Reception. Children will become familiar with traditional nursery rhymes, chants and simple songs growing in confidence with melody, rhythm and associated actions and movements.

Pupils in KS1 experience a rich and varied music curriculum, through whole class music lessons, singing assemblies and visiting musicians. All children learn simple songs which have a cross curricular focus.  Children in KS1 will learn to play tuned and un-tuned percussion instruments showing an increased control and musicality throughout the Key Stage. They will improvise and compose simple pieces and enjoy working and performing in a group.

Listening and appraising music is an important aspect of the music curriculum. Children in KS1 are exposed to a range of musical styles and genre, both recorded and live. This develops their appreciation of music, allows them to become familiar with the different sounds instruments make, develops their emotional response to music and allows them to form opinions about which styles they have a preference to and why.