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Attendance in KS1 is now at 94.6%! Please keep working with us to raise this even more - every day in school adds to your child's learning and understanding!

Iris Class - Reception (F2)

Iris Class

This year, your adults are... 

Miss Keith Class Teacher  / Mrs Marta Teaching Assistant /Miss Ahmed Teaching Assistant

 Mrs Parker Teaching Assistant / Miss George Teaching Assistant

Welcome to Iris Class page.

If anyone has any worries or concerns, please do speak to one of the available adults who will help you at drop off or pick up. There is no worry too small!



Our Summer 2 topic is Imagine Imagine

This half-term we will be reading

Aliens Love Underpants

• The Singing Mermaid

• The Wizard of Oz

• The girl, the bear and the magic shoes

• The Smeds and the Smoods



Summer books

Sea Creature books



Sharing and grouping

Making patterns and connections

Personal, social and emotional learning we will be learning about transition to year 1.



explore forces, magnets and the elasticity of objects

Working Scientifically

observe similarities and differences

ask simple questions between things to classify or sort


Can I comment on images of familiar situations in the past?


Where do I live? How has it changed?


We live in Leicester in the West End.

Places change over time.

We can use photographs to look at changes. We can hear people talk about how places have changed.



Year overview for Reception 2023-24


Things to do at home...


Don't forget you can access helpful videos about our phonics scheme here:

Little Wandle


We hope that you are enjoying reading with your children now we have started to send their books home with them. Please write a comment in your child's diary when you have heard them read.


Through our assessments, we have noticed that lots of the children are struggling to blend sounds together. This means, they can say the sounds individually, C-A-T, but then can't read the whole word as 'cat.' You can play games like this...: 

Balloon Phonics Game

teach your monster to read help them with this skill!



Please take any opportunity to include counting into your daily routine. Can you count the stairs as you walk down them? Can they show you how many they have on their fingers? Can they spot numbers whilst they are out and about?




We expect our children to take responsibility for their classroom and toys; it is their space to care of. We will always support our children to be independent learners and you can help with this by encouraging them to dress/undress independently, helping to prepare meals (using tools safely) and having small responsibilities around the house such as pairing socks and putting their toys away.



Joining the Library


We believe that stories and reading is one of the most important things to share and we wouldn't want anyone to miss out. Joining the library and borrowing books is completely free. Our closest library is on Narborough Road (although there are lots of libraries all over the city). There are no forms to fill in, just drop in with some proof of ID. Why not pop in after school? You can join for free and start borrowing today!


You can find out more information about our nearest library, Westcotes, by clicking below:


Westcotes Library, Narborough Road

PE day is Thursday. Children will need black shorts, white t-shirt and black pumps

Forest day is Friday. Please send your child in old, warm clothes which you don't mind them getting muddy. Old waterproof shoes and warm coat are also required.

Book change day is Thursday. Please bring their folder to school on Thursday mornings.