King Richard III Infant and Nursery School

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The introduction of Little Wandle in school is making a real difference already! It's been a pleasure to see the children reading in groups across the school :) Ms Harrison

Iris Class - Reception (F2)

Iris Class


This year, your adults are... 

Miss Keith Class Teacher / Mrs Pandya Teaching Assistant Mrs Agata Teaching Assistant /

 Mrs Parker Teaching Assistant

Welcome to our first term in Iris Class. For some children, this is their first time away from their parents/guardians and that can feel quite scary. Some children will have been to our nurseries or preschools, but starting school can feel like a big change for everyone in the family. If anyone has any worries or concerns, please do speak to one of the available adults who will help you. There is no worry too small!


Things to remember:

- Please can you label all of the children's clothing/belongings with their name

- Please bring a labelled water bottle (no fizzy drinks)

- Please do not put any items containing nuts in their packed lunch


Things to do at home...


At school, we are going to be practicing writing our name independently. You can support this at home by encouraging them (but never forcing them!) Perhaps they might like to use chalks outside, water and paint brushes or by signing their pictures like an artist!






We are going to be learning to count out loud to ten and beyond, so maybe you'd like to try counting your footsteps when on a walk or how many cars you can see? Point out the house and bus numbers, can they recognise the numbers 1-5? 




We expect our children to take responsibility for their classroom and toys; it is their space to care of. We will always support our children to be independent learners and you can help with this by encouraging them to dress/undress independently, helping to prepare meals (using tools safely) and having small responsibilities around the house such as pairing socks and putting their toys away.


We are going to be starting to learn to read. This starts with our phonics scheme, Little Wandle. Below you can download a pronunciation guide to the sounds we will be learning this term. You can help at home by encouraging the children to listen out for the first sounds they hear in a word.

Phonic sounds we are learning in Autumn 1- download



We use Tapestry to communicate messages, reminders and to share photos of learning with you at home. We ask that you share special moments and occasions with us too throughout the year.

We will share these with the class as it allows the children to see and feel a connection between home and school and supports them to settle in. 

If you are having any problems signing up to Tapestry, please speak to one of the adults who will be able to help you.