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Raising attendance is our highest priority - if your child is in school every day, they will be able to learn all the things they need to know. Please keep helping us to help your child by bringing them to school every day. Thank you.

Autumn 2022 return to pre-lockdown start and end times at KRIII

Hi everyone - 


We wanted to give you all as much  notice as possible that AFTER the summer break, in the new autumn term, we'll be going back to our old start and end times for the school day. 


After the summer holiday:

In the morning, the school gates will open at 8.45am, with the register closing at 9am.

At home time, we'll open the gates at 3pm for you to collect your children.


We'll be keeping the IN (red gate)/OUT (green gates) system on the KS1 playground.


Remember that these changes will happen AFTER the summer break - until then, we'll carry on just as we are.


Hope this makes sense - please talk to us about any questions you may have. 


Ms Harrison